Harmonica FEN Festival @ Berlin Kulturbrauerei 26.09.2020 - 27.09.2020

Call for contributors! Bring your broken harp and make it blow by the wind!

On the occasion of the Harmonica FEN Festival in Kulturbrauerei Berlin on 26-27 September I will present Windharps, a sound statue made out of hundreds of recycled harmonicas through which the wind blows and makes sounds. Fir this I need your help,

In 2015 I built Disharmonika for which I used my 100 broken harmonica reed-plates. I plan to build Windharps based on the structure of my self-made instrument, but for this I need much more harmonica reed-plates. Therefore I am inviting my Berlin-based fellow harmonica players to contribute with their broken reed-plates. If you have at least one broken harmonica, which you do not need any more and you would like to participate in this collective recycling process please get in contact with me. In return you will receive a surprise present from me and your name will be listed on the list of contributors.

This collecting process will continue during the Harmonica FEN Festival. Both the participating artists and the visitors are encouraged to bring their broken harmonicas which are then installed on the sculpture. What’s more! The evolution of the sound statue does not end here either and the local collective process will be brought to an international level. I aim to extend Windharps and build a huge wall of harmonica reed-plates by involving as many harmonica players and manufacturers as possible from all over the world. According to my plans the 4 x 6 meter large harmonica wall will be placed in its final location where the Berlin Wall used to stay, but this time it will bring people together instead of separating them.

I hope you will join me in creating Windharps together. Thank you.