Consonant Series

Consonant Series is a series of audiovisual events that I initiated in 2015. Each time I acoustically reflected to the ruins left behind by events of different artistic disciplines in the building of CHB. Every time an installation or a performance ended and its space had to be cleaned I fealt a bit sorry. I could still hear the droning of the crowd and the voices of the performers from the day before through the walls and the objects. I was fascinated by this post-vacation bluesy moods and wanted to catch that moment. Therfore I decided to acoustically react to the these spaces and situations originally in the building of CHB, but then expanding it to external places.

As part of this series I had the chance to:

  • play with 100 kg salt of Sanaz Azizi and Constanza Ruiz
  • extend the long duration (168 hour) performance of Darko Darko Dragičević and Martin Sonderkamp by five minutes
  • get lost in Dániel Bálint's installation of Dyslexia
  • feel the freezing dawn of the Velence hill on 1 January