The birth of the Parafusions music duo is due to the lucky encounter of two crazy but great musicians and friends, David Papaleo (guitar and vocals) and Andy Vazul (harmonica, flute and vocals). One represents paranoia and the other confusion, although it is not clear who does what and it is not even important. Each of their songs is a parafusion and the collection of all these songs led them to call the band Parafusions. Both of them grew up with and played the blues, but neither of them could stay locked inside the confines of the ancient black genre, and so they decided to shatter those confines. And so Parafusions became a fusion of genres without borders. The music is mainly based on blues and jazz; however they can easily turn to Balkan rhythms, flamenco melodies, Arabic scales, Django gypsy-style and any kind of ethno roots. Certainly David tinted the music with the Mediterranean colors of Italy while Vazul added the melancholic tones of traditional Hungarian music. In other words Parafusions play ethno-blues. Though the two musicians are totally parafused together, they are definitely also looped together. Andy and David both use a loop station, which helps create several layers of sound live in front of the audience, giving the impression that there is a big band playing on the stage with many instruments with a sound that fills up the whole music hall. The Parafusions duo has two different repertoires. One includes their original instrumental songs and the musicians glide freely on the surface of the music while seamlessly melting into different genres. The other one includes traditional blues covers from greats like Albert King, Albert Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Troyce Key, JJ Malone, etc. At Parafusions concerts, both musicians grab the mikes and sing. However, as one does not exist without the other, most commonly their performances mix songs from both repertoires.

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