Entering the world of sound art with my background as a harmonica player and a curator of free improvised music, my artistic work covers a wide spectrum of activities of both fields. However, I prefer to stay on the edge. Someone in between. Riding the constant transition. I approach both my life and artistic practice as an instant composition where constant is the move and the coincidence.
As a curator I urge to design formats to decrease the gap between the audience and the incomprehensible. As an artist I seek to involve citizens and communities in the process of creating knowhow through participatory events. As a father I believe we still have a future, thus ecological sound art is my means of communication.
I imagine a world where art has no stage and the artworks have no shape. This is the world of the now. The artists of the now bring people together on a local level. The artists of the now perceive, discusses and share. The artists of the now initiate collective action.

Andyvazul is an award winning harmonica player (Seydel Open 2011, Germany; NHL 2011, UK), sound artist and currently the music programme curator at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB). He has been living and perforimg in between Italy, Germany, Hungary and the UK for more than twenty years, he played in all over Europe as well as in the United States either with bands (Original Blues Brother Band/US, Parafusions/IT, HubaVazul/HU) or as a solo-performer (andyvazul). Among many others he collaborated with artists of various disciplines (Jean Paul Bourelly/credit: Miles Davis, Elvin Jones/, Andy Newmark/credit: John Lennon, Pink Floyd/, Micky Morphingaz, etc). Since he moved to Berlin (2013) he has been organising events with a strong focus on free improvisation and sound art. He has done soundworks for performances, theater plays, installations, 3D literacy, films and TV ads.
In 2013 he started creating recycled instruments from pieces of his broken harmonicas and other found objects, which shifted his interest towards sound art, made him dive deep into electroacoustic music and gave a strong industrial flavor to his performances. He first built Harmonix in Bucharest as part of a multicultural artistic project from recycled harmonicas and Asian bamboo steamers. It works like a shisha and calls people for interaction. In 2015 summer he took part of an Urban Art project in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he built Disharmonika by hammering and welding harmonica reed plates and metal collected from the city. This instrument is a wind-, string and percussion instrument in one, which opened up his spectrum. In 2017 he built a 700 kg steel instrument of second hand tubes for "Fear No More", a contemporary performance by Bodylotion co-dance. The Tubular Bells was the main element of the scene design, it continously moved in the space and generated sound in the meantime. The 18 m2 metal structure was later presented independently from the performance at the Festival für Selbstgebautemusik at Z/KU Berlin.
Owing to his hobby of collecting music instruments and sound-making objects, he often performs with the flute, khaen, mey, santur, jew’s harp, accord and bass harmonicas and other authentic instruments, then he modulates their sounds through effects and creates inter-independent textures using the loop station.
Vazul obtained his BA degree in international marketing in 2005 in Budapest, Hungary, followed by a Master degree in music industry management in 2009 in Rome, Italy. In 2019 he started a Master degree at UdK berlin in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. After his studies in Italy he worked five years for Amiata Records, an independent record label. In the meanwhile he set up his Italian cultural association and accomplished social and multicultural artistic projects – such as Eurodynamics involving 96 arists from 6 countries, or DonauDynamics performed in Bucharest, Romania involving artists from Germany, Hungary, Austria and Romania - funded by the EU.
He has been living in Berlin since 2013 where he is an active member of the improvised music scene both as an organiser and a musician. He gave birth to spi.res., the conceptual music residency series involving 28 artists (Axel Dörner, faUST, Andrea Belfi, Gaya Arutyunyan, etc.) and 8 residencies; Input Impro , the echtzeitmusik festival that creates a bridge between Berlin-based (André Vida, Audrey Chen, Tobias Delius, Ute Wassermann, Andrea Parkins, Els Vandeweyer, Emilio Gordoa, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Hilary Jeffery, Eliad Wagner, Mazen Kerbaj, Rieko Okuda, Christian Lillinger, etc.) and Hungarian improvisers (Ákos Szelevényi, Miklós Szilveszter, Miklós Grencsó, Bálint Bolcsó, Zsolt Sőrés, Ernő Zoltán Rubik, etc.).