Blowing in the wind – The real weather forecast was originally planned to be a long durational, radio art piece that was live on air on 10 July 2020 on Cashmere Radio Berlin. Due to the weather circumstances it lasted altogether ninety minutes. The idea of the piece was inspired by live streaming webcams. The basis of the sound material was provided by the wind during the entire broadcast as it blew the Disharmonika, my self-made instrument – or in this application a sound statue – made of recycled harmonicas. On the top of the wind sounds various collected text material, mythological stories, poems and improvised speaking words about the wind were heard.
In order to catch the strongest wind originally I planned to do the live broadcast from top of Teufelsberg, the second highest spot in Berlin. A few weeks prior to the event I went to the desired spot, however, I found out that due to Coronavirus nobody was allowed to go to any of the towers. All other spots on Teufelsberg are covered by trees that would have blocked the free blow of the wind. I contacted the organisers of Teufelsberg and asked whether there would be another option. They offered me another high spot from where I could go in air, however, the time was not suitable for them. Therefore I decided to do my plan B location, which was the rooftop of my workplace in Mitte Berlin, the six-floor-high Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.