“Gyere velem a kukoricásba!” (Come with me to the corn fields!)
In the summer of 2013 some Hungarian and Slovenian musicians – who were all participating an artistic exchange programme in Berlin – after a long-long night at early dawn "when they were not any more thirsty”, randomly composed Nyiki-nyiki on the streets of Kreuzberg. The song turned out to be so catchy that they decided to make a video-clip out of it just for fun. The shootings took place the year after in various corn fields of Hungary, because it was impossible to get all the musicians together to one single place at the same time. Ági, the singer could not make to any of the shootings. However, two years after its birth, the Nyiki-nyiki video-clip now got on-line and it urges all people to get into the corn fields (kukoricás).
Ági Kazai – vocal András Csizmás – double bass, beat box Áron Komjáti – acoustic guitar, vocal Endre Vazul Mándli – harmonica, Jew’s harp, doduk, vocal + “kukorica freestyling” Luka Cojhter – solo guitar, beat box
Audio recorded and mastered in Jarvi Music Studio in 2013 Video shot by everyone in 2014, edited by Marco Vallini 2015.
Special thanks to our friends who got involved in the shootings: Virág Arany, Máté Czakó, Fanni Lakos, Panka Erbits, Rafael Szécsi, Enikő Szabó, Páka Tamás, Szekeres Attila, Márton Koren, Petra Nagy Baranyi, Eszter Koren, Gábor Pető, Róza, András Csizmás, Áron Komjáti, Endre Vazul Mándli and Toma...