Are you ready to participate by donating some broken harmonicas? Then please get in touch with us via email and we will tell you about the next steps:

What you need to know:
We will cover the postal expenses. Your name will be engraved in the sound statue - of course, only if you agree with it. Deadline: the sooner the better, but latest 31 July, 2021. There will be a WORK-IN-PROGRESS event of Windwall on 21 August, 2021 presenting one part of the sound sculpture. Deadline is extended to 20 August, 2021. If you know that your are willing to participate, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us as soon as possible - even without being ready to send the reed plates -, so that we can have an overview of the number of offers received from each country. Primarily we collect diatonic harmonicas, but other types are also very welcome. All brands are accepted. Due to the complexity of the worldwide logistic process first we register your data (e.g.: country, approximate weight of the package) and after some organisational procedure we will get back to you with the info about the shipment. For WINDWALL we will use only the reed plates and optionally the screws, but we happily adopt all parts of the harmonicas, therefore you can send them to us as they are. We will find a way to recycle/upcyle the other parts too. We will send you updates if you wish, but you can follow the process either on this webpage or on the facebook page we created for this collective action: WINDWALL FACEBOOK PAGE.

What is this all about?
The power of collective action has no barriers. We aim to build a huge wall of harmonica reed plates by involving as many harmonica players and manufacturers as possible from all over the world. This might become one of the most visible collective move of the whole harmonica community and it could have a powerful positive impact on many others. The energy of such an action is something that we always need, but especially during these critical times. One part of the 4 meter by 6 meter harmonica wall will be exhibited in East Side Gallery, Berlin as part of a PREVIEW event, where the last ruins of the Berlin Wall are still standing. However, this wall of harmonica reed plates will connect people instead of separating them. Windwall is a sound statue through which the wind blows and makes sounds. In 2015 I built Disharmonika for which I used my 100 broken harmonica reed plates. We will build Windwall based on the structure of the Disharmonika, but for this we need amost 10000 harmonica reed plates.
We hope you will join us to create together the wall of harmony. Thank you!
windwall draft I