Laripse is the Spanish performance included in Euro Dynamics, an innovative multi-cultural project that aimed to organize 6 performances in 6 different countries with 96 artists. The first performance was in Italy in April, 2013. The show was based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics that introduced pieces of the Euro-pean cultural scene and raised awareness of sustain-ability concepts through arts. The concept has 8 differ-ent value systems (memes) that gave the frame for the show divided in 8 scenes. The performance was carried out by 16 artists representing Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.
Germany – Lana Schumacher, Beáta Nagy, Malso Malso; Slovenia – Bianca Gyurka, Sebastiantijan casar, Mónika Basa; Hungary – Mátyaás Misetics, Ákos Güsberger, Kaazay Ágnes; Italy – Caterina Balletti, Nadja Jeliazkova, Valentina Manduchi, Yuri Giordano; Polond – Ewelina Solowiej, Joanna Czajkowka, Artur Aponowicz; Spain Miguel Heredia, Isamael Chicano, Francisco Jiménez, Jan Franco Glanc
Management : Francisco Villalobos Santos (Director), Remedios Ortiz Badía, Pablo Calero García (management and Director helpers) Audiovisual staff: Francisco Burgos Guerrero (Video recording), Bonifacio Sánchez (Lighting) y Manuel Salas (Sound)
Special thanks to : Remedios Ortíz Badia’s Familly , Alhaurín el Grande Municipality, and their workers, Bar Sardina