Euro Dynamics was a multi-cultural project that aimed to organize 6 performances in 6 different countries with 96 artists. The first performance was in Italy in April, 2013. The show was based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics that introduced pieces of the European cultural scene and raised awareness of sustainability development through arts. The concept has eight different value systems (memes) that gave the frame for the show divided in eight scenes. The performance was carried out by sixteen artists representing Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.
Artists: Germany - Johannes Oster, Adir Tekin, Hasret Tiraz Hungary-Tamara Vadas, Virag Arany, Huba Ratkoczi Poland - Sylwia Bocian, Patrycja Wlecha, Patryk Lu-kaszuk Slovenia - Tjasa Feher, Mark Berden, Misi Stampah Spain - Antonia Contreras, Patricia Mancilla, Francisco Villalobos, Carlos Rodriguez
Management: Endre Vazul Mandli, Ehsan Mehrbakhsh, Francesca Merli, Marco Vallini, Silvia Montaquila, Alessandro Cosentino Special thanks to: Alessia Battaglia 'photography, creative direction), Kelly Mangiantini (video recording) Director: Francesca Merli