The performance in Lendava was located in an old abandoned building in the town centre. A side of the concept was to show the town leaders that with a bit of work, creativity and good will, they could revive the abandoned old buildings. The second part about the performance concept was, that the show did not take place in one room but used the whole building instead, 8 rooms to be exact. One extra room was used for a exhibition of Franciscos pictures. The storyline of the performance was to show the circle of life of a human. From fertility to death. The audience was lead by two "spirits" which guided them in our lifetime, 16 people at a time. There were 5 such groups so the artists repeated their performance 5 times. The length of a cycle was 30-35 minutes. The artist also cooperated with other ones in different rooms so the transitions of the scenes were fluent. All in all this was a great symbol of the continuity of life. There was also live jazz music and refreshment in the waiting area so the wait for the audience would be easier to bear.
Artists : Germany - Zara Said, Nil Delal Sahin, Umut Kuzu; Spain - Jose Miguel Guzmán Guerrero, Flores Vergara Pérez, Elisa Montoya Sánchez; Hungary - Dragos Dániel, Lazók Mátyás, Mészáros Zsófia, Schruff Milán, Czakó Máté, Lakos Fanni; Italy - Marco Vallini, Francesco Fox, Michael Botula, Kristian Mellergaard Hansen; Poland - Joanna Nadrowska, Alicja Byzdra, Roman Walczak; Slovenia - MÁRK BERDEN, TJAŠA FEHÉR, ÉVA NAĐ, PÉTER PÁL, NORBERT GÖNCZ, SAMIRA HARTMANN, DORIS SOLARIČ, ÁRON HORVÁTH, DAVID SOLARIČ, ALEŠ SABO, ANAMARIJA NAĐ, HADIK MIHÁLY BAND
Management : Misi Stampah, Ales Szabo, Tjasa Feher, Daniel Magyar