The Budapest event was held as the last station of the trans-cultural learning project EuroDynamics. The performance called “ Obsession” by the director Laszlo Csuja. The whole workshop and the event was placed in a peripheral part of Budapest which had very special atmosphere and carried exciting opportunities for interaction with real local society. The main concept of Eurodynamics came out and brought beautiful results by choosing a well functioning context for interactive activities with the local community and made us able to operate with their cultural specialities. The actual interpretation of the sipraldynamics theory was built up on the “Tail” concept of the director. All different art forms and artists from 6 countries could express their own subjective cultural vision their powerful traditions of tales. As the final result after several improvisative and public performances during the week integrated to the local community, the group of artist created the main event as multiple different but well connected stories and situations for the public. As you can see in our documentary the audience was not only affiliated an act but they went through the scenes in person and could took their place in the creation of their own personal story. At the Bela Bartok mermorial center and it’s different parts as the contemporary music saloon, the arboretum and exhibition room, acts, exhibition, visual installations, dance and music was performed in such an interactive way that the audience could experience their own dreams through the tales lined together to a special story on their own and also get in touch with the levels of the spiraldynamics in a very personal way.
Artists : Germany - Vera Jane, Anne Brannys; Italy - Francesco Fox, Duné Medros Sajadi, Elena Maiella; Poland - Agata Zielińska, Marta Kania, Marta Piszko; Slovenia - Peter Oslaj, Aron Horvat, Katja Pal, Leon Benko, Dubravko Baumgartner, Kovávcs Tibor 'Ringo', Luka Cojhter; Spain - Ines María Guerrero Carvajal, Antonia Pena Motta, Jan Franco Glanc Gómez
Management : Zsófia Mészáros, László Csuja, Zoltán Krizsán, Vass Gergely, Endre Vazul Mándli, Sadaf Vasaei, Katrin Swientek