EDUQ Association hosted artists from Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovenia and Hungary. All the artists were involved in the preparations to the performance during 9 days of stay in Lębork. Activities which we organized were: rehearsals leaded by Director, intercultural evening, promotion of the project and visit in Gdańsk and Łeba.
Artists : Italy: Isabelle Seleskovitch, Astrid Maria Linnea Malmberg, Francesca Romana Fabris; Spain: Maria Porrero, Miguel Heredia, Manolo Albarracin; Germany: Lara Tovazzi, Julia Reznik, Katharina Liss, Vincent Vaessen; Slovenia: Eva Nad, Atilla Pisnjak, Ales Sabo; Hungary: Zsófia Nemes, Gergely Suto.
Management: Agnieszka Warlikowska, Alina Fegler-Kotkiewicz, Magdalena Pipka Special thanks to: Director - Joanna Czajkowska, Photo - Michał Dąbrowski, Video - Szymon Grzenkowicz (Gie Studio)