CHB started its Conduction series in 2016. As part of the program, CHB presents the next event on 12 October, which reflects on Béla Bartók´s work. The evening concert is separated again into two different parts: it kicks off with the classical section with original compositions interpreted by the Classicus Quartet, followed by an improvisational contemporary concert of the CHB Orchestra which this time will be led by Samu Gryllus. The evening commemorates for the 135th anniversary of Béla Bartók’s birthdate.
Classicus Quartet (József Rácz and Réka Baksai on violins, Péter Tornyai on viola and Tamás Zétényi playing cello) is a string quartet dedicated to the string quartet repertoire from Bartók. The quartet’s recent performances include the premier of László Dobszay’s string quartet, a concert at the Bartók Festival in Ankara, a concert at the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, appearances at CEU, and many more.
Marcello S. Busato – drums Ernő Hock - doublebass Ottó Horváth – trump Endre Vazul Mándli – harmonica, disharmonika Ádám Mészáros – guitar Okuda Rieko – keyboard instruments Isabelle Rivera – vocal
Bartók I.
Bartók II.
Bartók III.
Bartók IV.