For two nights in a row CHB Orchestra was conducted by AACM composer Renee' Baker.
NIDANAKATHA Experimental jazz score event in CHB | DOROTHEENSTRASSE 12, 10117 BERLIN | 27.08.2016
A multi-movement suite celebrating our earthly journey from birth to final enlightenment and taking great delight in the world and who we are becoming every day.Taking a life journey is like a seed becoming a flower. It is the blossoming of who we are, who we are meant to be, and who we are becoming even from the moment of birth. With creative jazz score by AACM composer Renee' Baker.
WARM BUTTER/SWEET WATER Fluxjazz score event in SCHRIPPE HAWAI | ZIEGRASTRAßE 11-13, 12057 BERLIN | 28.08.2016
Tasting is vital at every step of cake making..The very buttery, sugary taste is the taste of childhood – the treat of cleaning the bowl out with a spoon. It you concentrate you can taste the warm butter and sweet water as gentle background fl avours.
CHB Orchestra
Marcello Busato - drums Otto Horvath - trombone Endre Vazul Mandli – harmonica Adam Meszaros - guitar Rieko Okuda - keys Antti Virtaranta – double-bass