The multi-award-winning Hungarian composer György Kurtág celebrated his 90th birthday on 19 February 2016. Honouring his oeuvre CHB hosts a special event on 8 March presenting two concerts and plenty of great musicians. The evening starts with a classical music concert. Junior Prima award-winning pianist Péter Kiss and clarinet player Péter Szűcs play Kurtág compositions and pieces dedicated to him by other contemporary composers such as Péter Eötvös, László Tihanyi and Zoltán Jeney. The second act is a live concert of The Spontaneous Arkestra led by Jean-Paul Bourelly. The legendary fusion musician, composer and conceptualist uses Conduction to command the orchestra and reflect on Kurtág’s works. By its nature the method makes the performance spontaneous and gives freedom to both the conductor and his musicians. The concert will be accompanied by live video projections.