4-18 June 2018, CHB
Think Before You Act – RULES, the third annual festival organized by CHB showcases performances, installations, music events, concerts and film screenings.
RULES reflected on the topic of order and system. It investigated the rules and systems at play in everyday life focusing on the invisible ruling, rigid and obstinate structures as well as on personal habits, hereditary conditions and behavioural forms that are encoded in our DNA. What would be the correct way of approaching traditionalism from a contemporary artistic point of view? How should we approach both academic and personal educational theories in our world ruled by digital technologies? How drastically can composition rules be redesigned? Is it possible to establish a 21st century collective culture while keeping a balance between traditionalism and innovation?
The five day festival showcased a healthy variety of genres while enabling space for further site-specific creative processes to take place at the CHB. Making use of all six floors of the building during the festival was a challenge both for the artists and the curatorial team. The festival was a place for experimentation and exploration with some productions making their world debut here in Berlin.
Curated by: Dániel Kovács, Endre Vazul Mándli, Léna Szirmay-Kalos