15-16 April, 2019
INPUT IMPRO, the thematic Echtzeitmusik festival hosts sixteen musicians to keep a dialogue open between the Berlin-based and the Hungarian improvised music scene. The participants play multiple sets in various formations. A distincive feature of the festival are the so-called INPUTS, the thirty-second-long performative or visual actions that are surprises for both the audience and the artists. These INPUTS are provided by the curatorial team and organised around certain thematic issues.
Partcipants: Tomomi Adachi (J), Benkő Róbert (HU), Antonio Borghini (I), Chris Hill (G), Mazen Kerbaj (LB), Kováts Gergő (HU), Makay Anna (HU), Mezei Szilárd (HU), Andrea Parkins (USA), Simon Rose (GB), Rubik Ernő Zoltán (HU), Olaf Rupp (G), Sőrés Zsolt (HU), André Vida (HU/USA), Biliana Voutchkova (BG), Ute Wassermann (G)
Photo credit: Barbara Antal
15042109INPUT CHB Antal-56
15042109INPUT CHB Antal-64
15042109INPUT CHB Antal-29
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17 Nov Гео метрия PRMK 072
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Gergő Kováts, Simon Rose
Tomomi Adachi, Ernő Rubik Zoltán, Ute Wassermann, Anna Makay
Ernő Zoltán Rubik