The second year of the experimental and improvised music residency series kicked off with the collaboration between the legendary German krautrock band, faUSt and the conceptual music guru from Hungary, Zsolt Sőrés aka Ahad. After the episodes of Survival, Séance, Power Gods and the System the fifth resident group got into the Game and competed with and/or against the system. They defined a strategy during the one-week-long preparation process and set a goal to be reached through an acousmatic music performance.
Jean-Hervé Péron (Art-Errorist) - vocals, bass guitar, guitar, cavaquinho, trumpet, psaltery, loops, samples, chainsaw Werner "Zappi" Diermaier - drums, percussions, metals, drill, angle grinder Zsolt Sőrés (Ahad) - five string viola, voice, synthesizer, samples, electronics, objects, effects