spi.res. #4 | system

After the episodes of Survival, Séance and Power Gods, System now seeked to find the sense of life in a structured world full of rules and rigour with the interpretation of Gaya Arutyunyan, Julia Biłat and Daniel Schwarzwald. Gaya is a Armenian singer, songwriter and composer, front woman of the popular Betno-rock band, Deti Picasso and the experimental avant garde-freak-rock duo, Wattican Punk Ballet. She has worked with great international musicians such as Bobby McFerrin, Alex Hacke, Rotfront, Erlin Riibe Ramskjel (Schtimm), etc. BiWald duo is a collaboration of two Berlin based musicians, Julia Biłat and Daniel Schwarzwald. Julia is an active part of the Berlin improvised and experimental music scene since 2013. She has been experimenting with new techniques using the cello as a percussion or bass instrument sometimes accompanying with voice. The Israeli pianist, Daniel got inspired by mediterranean folk and latin music during his journeys that he gladly mixes with jazz and classical music.